Re: Immoral Content In

Our School Textbooks

Attention: All Stakeholders

The Association of Christian Schools in Nigeria (ACSN) has been decrying the moral degeneration in our educational system for several years. That our children have been targeted for destruction morally by some authors is no longer news. The battle is ideological and our children are being seriously "Raped" of sound mind by these filthy texts. Unfortunately the immoral content of our media/TV have added the blow of death and our children are bleeding, needing urgent attention by all the stakeholders- parents, teachers, care givers, religious leaders, community leaders , Ministries of Education, UBEC, etc.

I call all stakeholders to rise up to the occasion. Our nation is doomed because many of our children have lost their moral compass. As teachers and educators, we are far more influential than we often realize so let our voices be heard. Parents must sit on the drivers seat ensuring the appropriate training of their precious children now.

I call on the media to join in the fight. Leaders in the media industry must stop selling poison and killing our children's consciences and innocence for money. The Basic Education Level which is seen as the foundation of education has been the focus of all these attacks. When the foundation is destroyed says the Holy Bible, what can the righteous do? When the Honourable Minister of Education dropped the curriculum that was meant to over sexualize our children, it was a step in the right direction.

In addition after the dropping of that dangerous curriculum, Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) organized A Stakeholders Meeting on Moral Regeneration and Re-Orientation at the Basic Education Level. It was held on 28 – 29th March 2023 and I was opportune to be there. This was a very good follow up program that attracted relevant stake holders.

The Universal Basic Education Commission as an agency of Government has the onus to re-order the situation as it has as one of its objectives “to ensure the acquisition of appropriate level of literacy, numeracy, manipulative, communicative and life skills as well as ethical, moral, and civic values.” Prior to now, The Commission had conducted an explorative survey to gather information on the level of moral degeneration, its causes as well as its effect on teaching and learning in the school. We salute UBEC for that initiative and pray for an urgent implementation of all critical decisions including ordering the removal from circulation in schools all texts meant to corrupt the minds of our highly impressionable children.

The agitations from well meaning citizens and religious leaders need urgent response from all stakeholders including the Minister of Education through the Federal Ministry, UBEC, and the State Ministries of Education and SUBEC. Parents/Teachers' Forums, please wake up and be strategic! Examine in detail every approved textbook used by your children

in schools, through your Parents/Teachers ' Forums. Reject in totality any corrupt materials. Let your voices be heard at the City, State and Federal level. Teachers, you have the right to disagree with the immoral content in any textbook.

All HODs in schools should read through books before recommending. Parents, Proprietors and teachers demand the review of existing school policies to align with moral character standards. Also, recommend for removal from required/ recommended lists and from circulation all books, digital material, etc. which contradicts moral character standards. This is doable.

Whatever contributions that would be made this season must be given the urgency it requires before it gets too late . This will also go a long way in building a society where people innately demonstrate appropriate behavior, obey laws, dress reasonably, behave in a morally responsible way and fear God.

Dr. Mrs. Ekaete Ettang



Teachers' Commission,

Parents/Teachers Association/ Fellowship,

Media Organizations,


Federal/State Ministries of Education.


There is such a great power in working together that Christian Proprietors, Administrators, Educators and Schools cannot afford to ignore any

further. The Bible in Lev. 26:8, Gen. 11:6 and John 17:11 affirms

this and encourages strongly.

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