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The idea that gave birth to ACSN started among the founders of Two Christian schools in Plateau State. The idea was brainstormed on to provide a formidable alternative to the drab system we follow in our nation as regards Christian Education. Whereas the government has very good policies and standards that could turn our educational system around for good, we could not see this happening. Acsn is therefore a Christian alternative to the present fallen standard in our Nation. Early in 1996, discussions commenced out of deep concerns for the waning standard of Education and integrity in the nation. The need for an organization that would accredit Christian schools as well as bring them together to speak with one voice and to continually strive for excellence and quality output was felt. There is such great power in working together that Christian Proprietors, Administrators, Educators and Schools cannot ignore any further. As all Christian Institutions come together and take advantage of their common language, vision, political and religious unity nothing can be impossible for them to achieve. (Lev 26:8, Genesis 11:6)

On the 8th November, 1996, the Board of refence of a Christian school in Plateau state mandated its Principals to convene a meeting of principals of four (4) other Christian schools to brainstorm on the dream/ Idea. The meeting was held and further contacts were made with Principals and Proprietors of other Christian schools. Consequently, on the 16th July, 1997, the first formal meeting was held under the auspices of JME, (Joint Mock Examinations) with only four (4) schools in attendance. Several issues were discussed which eventually formed a substantial part of the composition of Paper I & II.

Furthermore, on the 26th November, 1997, Joint Mock Examination met with Rev. (Dr.) Canon Bayo Famonure, Prof. Timothy Gyuse, and Late Rev. Canon Isa Lar to hear firsthand information about the dream for a body like this to be established. Subsequently EXCO member were elected to run the Principals Forum and Joint Mock Examination working Committee (JMEWC) consisting of Vice principals, examination Officers, Dean of studies was formed to handle all examination matters.

In March, 1998 the first Joint Mock Examination was conducted for the SS3 students. A total of six schools participated, later in the year, in June 1998, the first Joint Mock Examination for JSS 3 students was conducted with 8 schools taking part in the examination. The first major Joint Meeting of the Principals and Proprietors was held on the 15th February, 2001 at the Catholic Bishop Courts, Jos, where the need for a functional Secretariat was stressed by the then Chairman, Mrs. R. M Mannok.

Another major landmark in ACSN was the visit of DR. Daniel Egeler the director, International School Services Europe and Africa (ACSI) Ken Smitherman, USA. That was on the 27th September, 2003 and he was received at Messiah College, Gana Ropp, Since inception many workshops have been held for the teachers, retreat for the Principals and Leadership Retreat for newly appointed Prefects of all member schools. Retreat are also organized by the Chaplain for all the Chaplains and for academic staff in member schools, while ACSN Games is organized by the Games Masters Forum.

Today ACSN has a functional Secretariat and different Committees and forum groups setup all charged to pursue the Vision, missions of ACSN to model quality Christian Schools where Staff, students and ideal environment that reflect the beauty and character of Jesus Christ is established in our member schools, so that they can positively impact their society. ACSN in conjunction with ACSN member schools recognize and highly encourages Academic excellence of our various students during their academic year.

ACSN was officially registered as an association with the Corporate affairs Commission (CAC) on the 9th November, 2007.

In all of these Jesus Christ is our master, source of strength and we continually look up to him for greater impact in all aspect of live and to ensure that a qualitative and quantitative Christian Education is established in all our member schools and our Nation as a whole.

The membership of ACSN is open to all Christian Schools / Institutions at all levels with Bible Centered Educational Philosophy whether owned by a Corporate body, Church or Sole Proprietorship.

May the Lord continue to help them all to excel spiritually, academically, intellectually, socially and morally and to always Hold on to the all-knowing and sufficient God.


There is such a great power in working together that Christian Proprietors, Administrators, Educators and Schools cannot afford to ignore any

further. The Bible in Lev. 26:8, Gen. 11:6 and John 17:11 affirms

this and encourages strongly.

Association of Christian Schools in Nigeria (ACSN)

Association Of Christian Schools in Nigeria (ACSN) is a not for profit, appolitical and non denominational organization based on the Word of God (Deut. 6:1 - 9)


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